Strong Government Support From generous tax incentives to supportive regulation. IP security in place with a strong regulatory ecosystem that incentivizes R&D and provides legal protections of intellectual property Strong tax incentives including lower tax and social contributions for employees in R&D, diaspora returning home, foreigners and youth



Cutting Edge Infrastructure Brand new buildings, labs and ICT infrastructure. Comprehensive research infrastructure including biobanks, world-class data center, supercomputer, genome sequencing center etc. Access to facilities designed for collaboration and innovation Accredited vivarium with zebra fish, mice, guinea pigs, snakes etc.



Available and skilled researchers flexible to work on the most challenging projects Access to the best students in the field, with an opportunity for joint creation of educational programs and courses in relevant fields Access to startups with numerous opportunities for collaboration Integration with medical system which enables access to patients for clinical trials,



Access to Skilled Talent Highly skilled people, flexible to work on the most challenging projects

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