BIO4 Campus Belgrade: 1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

BIO4 Campus Belgrade:
1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

BIO4 Campus Belgrade:
1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

Cooperation with AstraZeneca within BIO4 campus project


Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and the regional vice president of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics Hans Sijbesma signed today a Memorandum of Understanding within the BIO4 campus project.

Brnabic pointed out that cooperation with the company AstraZeneca additionally contributes to the construction of the BIO4 campus, as a unique ecosystem in the region of Southeast Europe and a place recognized on the global map of research and development of biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics and biodiversity.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the signing of the Memorandum opens up new opportunities and represents an additional impetus for the aspiration to achieve successful research-scientific cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and good practices with the world's most important companies.

Sijbesma pointed out that artificial intelligence is an important factor for the early detection of diseases in the field of oncology, respiratory, and rare diseases.

He said that he was glad that Serbia recognized the importance of the biotechnological and biomedical revolution, which fundamentally changes and improves the world we live in, and that together we are part of a project that supports the economic and infrastructural development of the scientific community.

From the moment when the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic presented the BIO4 project for the first time, the coincidence of common goals was recognized, stated the Vice President of AstraZeneca for Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

As part of this project, AstraZeneca will finance genetic testing for BRCA mutations in patients with early breast cancer and support the application of artificial intelligence for screening for the early detection of lung cancer.

Also, it is expected that in the future there will be more clinical studies of this company in Serbia, given that the establishment of a research and development department is also planned, it was pointed out at the meeting.


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