BIO4 Campus Belgrade: 1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

BIO4 Campus Belgrade:
1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

BIO4 Campus Belgrade:
1.000+ PhDs and 300+ Labs

Serbia’s national pavilion at CIFIT China fair declared best


The Serbian government stated today that at the China International Fair for Investment and Trade – CIFIT 2023 that ended recently in the Chinese city of Xiamen, the national pavilion of the Republic of Serbia received a special award and was thus officially declared the best pavilion.

Serbia was a guest country of honour at the Chinese CIFIT, along with Brazil and Qatar, and the only country that received this honour two years in a row, and according to the latest information from China, our pavilion won a special award from an expert jury in a competition of five thousand pavilions.

According to the commission's explanation, the reason why the Serbian national pavilion won the award is that it "emphasises the use of modern materials and high technology, with innovative design, providing visitors with a unique experience and an unforgettable visual experience."

The award gains even more significance considering the fact that more than 100 countries participated in the fair, and more than 80,000 businessmen visited it, which makes CIFIT the largest investment fair in the world.

Another reason why the Serbian pavilion was one of the most visited at the Xiamen fair is that it had a rotating stage that occupied the centre of the pavilion and therefore attracted the most attention.

In addition, the Serbian pavilion also contained a scale model of the future BIO4 Institute, which showed the future facilities complex in Belgrade, which in a few years will be the centre of biotechnology in this part of Europe.

Apart from the BIO4 Campus, Serbia presented three other major projects at CIFIT - the Expo 2027 exhibition, the Innovation District in Kragujevac, as well as the investment map for sustainable development, which was jointly prepared by the Serbian government and the UNDP.

The Serbian delegation to China was led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Maja Gojkovic, and it included Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic, Minister of Science and Technological Development Jelena Begovic and Minister of Telecommunications and Information Mihailo Jovanovic.


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